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Bizarre Garage Silo With Only One Window Asks $349K

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This listing appears to be leveraging its location to get a better price: it says that it's in Fishtown, which might justify the exorbitant asking price if it were true. Of course, as is often the case with real estate listings, this property is actually located on the border between Olde Kensington and Fishtown, almost directly beneath the El (you can actually see the El in one of the listing photos.) There is no reason why an El-adjacent garage with some yard space and a loft with one tiny front facing window should list at nearly $350K.

Sure, the loft space has potential: one of the bedrooms has a skylight, and Olde Kensington is full of glorious garage conversions, but this one will take a ton of work. There are no stairs to get to the loft, but rather a hole in the floor and a ladder. The windowlessness of the place is a big problem, and the apartment isn't quite finished. Best of all, there's a door that leads to open air, and of course, a great view of the El.
House Vitals:
Size: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a very large garage, a yard, and 1,792 sq ft
Amenities include: One single window on the front, two in the back, a door that goes nowhere, "loft-style" living, lots of space, a skylight, a yard, and a charming view of the El.
Asking price: $349,000
· 14 E Jefferson St [Trulia]