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Live! Hotel and Casino Makes Its Case To Be Philly's 2nd Casino

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The proposed Live! Hotel and Casino has been one of the quietest camps in the casino race thus far, but they made their case in a recent interview with Plan Philly. Like all the other applicants, Live! officials insist that their location is the best.

Their argument boils down to this: having a casino right by the stadiums (Live! Hotel and Casino would turn 10th Street into a walkable corridor and help to generate traffic for the casino, the stadiums,and for the 10th Street corridor itself.

Of course, there's another side to that coin: will the traffic draw create gridlock in the area? Stadium district residents have made it very clear that they don't want another major attraction in their neighborhood, much less a casino.

The other Live! argument pertains to all three South Philly proposals: they're far enough away from the Sugar House that cannibalization will be minimal. Though it's true that the South Philly casinos are further away, they're also right off the same highway. Both Market8 and The Provence are more connected to transit, which could mean that they'd draw a different crowd. Of course, both Market8 and The Provence come with their own traffic headaches: The Provence is connected to 676, which means that it has its own gridlock issues, and Market8 would draw casino traffic right to Center City. That said, both casinos are also very close to the Convention Center, and to other walkable attractions.
· Live! Hotel & Casino partner: We've got the right team, the right location and the right program for Philadelphia [Plan Philly]

Live! Hotel and Casino

900 Packer Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148