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Bite Sized Pennsport Rowhome Asks a Very Affordable $134K

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Here's a tiny little row with miniature everything: a miniature patio, a miniature kitchen, a miniature stove and oven, and an itsy-bitsy basement. Though it might be hard to convince buyers that they want to live (or cook) on an adorably small scale, this house is a great, affordable starter home.

This house actually isn't as tiny as it looks: it has more than 1,000 sq ft in it, which is not the tiniest a rowhome has ever been. The kitchen does look cramped, and the stove and oven are bite-sized interpretations of actual kitchen appliances, so this house might not be the best for someone who loves to cook.

Still, for the asking price, it's a nice, well maintained home in a good area.
House Vitals:
Size: Two bedrooms, one bath, 1,022 sq ft
Amenities include: A small back patio, an adorably tiny kitchen, a clawfooted tub, ceiling fans, carpeted bedrooms, new washer and dryer.
Asking price: $134,000

· 208 Pierce Street [Trulia]