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Market8 Receives Endorsement From One Civic Association

Yesterday, a press release came out advertising the Washington Square West Civic Association's endorsement of Market8, one of the five remaining casinotestants in the race for Philly's second casino license. Though Market8's central location (right at 8th and Market) has the potential to bring casino related problems right to Center City, the Market8 Team has come up with a whole program of neighborhood improvement to revitalize the Market East corridor.

It seems that the Washington Square Civic Association is convinced that, at least for their constituents, the casino will do more good than harm. The zoning chair of the civic association noted that the shops and restaurants that would come with the casino would "bring much-needed activity to Market Street". He also spoke positively of Market8's plans to make casino rewards redeemable in nearby businesses not associated with the casino.

The press release also quoted a Market8 official, who said that "uplifting the corridor in every way possible is one of our primary goals," and cited Market8's pledge to spend $1M on supporting area businesses outside the casino every year. Though this is a generous package from the casino, it might be necessary just to offset the negative side effects that most casinos bring with them.
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