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When Will Work on Philly's Rail Park Get Started?

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Though hopes were high that perhaps 2014 would be the year that work on the rail park got rolling, it looks like there are still a few obstacles in the rail park's way. Yes, building plans for the first phase are finalized, and yes, there's tons of support behind the park, but two things stand in its way.

First of all, SEPTA and the rail park team need to hammer out an agreement about the Noble Street spur (the site of the first phase of the Rail Park, which is currently owned by SEPTA) into trails. The center City District, the Friends of the Rail Park, and SEPTA are working toghether to figure out a legal agreement, but nothing is set in stone.

The second issue is financing. The team behind the rail park has made serious efforts toward raising funds, but the first phase of the rail park will cost about $8.5M, and getting that kind of cash together is not a small task.
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