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Giant Mixed Use Development Just Proposed For North Broad

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The massive surface lot currently taking up space between Callowhill and Wood Streets right on Broad could see some massive changes soon if this proposal goes through. Developers want to put two six story apartment buildings on either side of Broad Street with a combined total of 229 apartments and more than 11,000 sq ft of retail space on the lot.

The project will include a small garage with 114 parking spots and 38 bike parking spots, to be shielded from view by a perforated metal screen. Though there will be a few penthouse apartments, most of the apartments will be studios, one bedrooms, and two bedrooms.

The renderings show a buzzing commercial corridor. While two new apartment buildings with space for a few new retail establishments won't totally change the face of North Broad, it does seem that the city's wish for North Broad development is finally coming true. This proposal is located next door to the old Inquirer building, the site of Bart Blatstein's proposal for The Provence. Whether or not either of these projects go through, it's clear that North Broad is seeing more development interest than it has for a long while.
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