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Live! Rep Trash Talks Center City Casino Proposals At Hearing

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At casino hearings today, Bob Green (one of the key players behind the Live! Casino proposal) took off the gloves and ripped into the two center city casino proposals. Calling them "an absolute disaster", the casino exec made the case that his proposal was the only realistic one in the running.

Green pointed out that both The Provence and Market8 included design elements that sounded a little far fetched:

"I'd like to escort you out of the world of fantasy — of roof-top pools and second-floor gaming — and take you into reality. Either one of those sites would be an absolute disaster." He also claimed that both Center City proposals would pose a significant threat to The Sugar House's earnings, and that both would create serious traffic problems. While it's true that both Market8 and The Provence are extravagant proposals, Mr. Green apparently didn't take issue with Casino Revolution's multi-acre mega entertainment complex, which, arguably, is the most absurd casino element proposed thus far in the casino bidding process. The jabs at the Center City proposals are probably motivated by how well they're doing thus far. The city made its preference for a Center City proposal clear when Deputy Mayor for economic development Alan Greenberger presented to the Gaming Control Board in September.

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