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Futuristic Renderings for Last Available Futuristic Condo

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This, according to the listing, is the last available Mode 7 home. The Mode 7 homes are a development of seven ultra-luxe townhomes in what's becoming the standard Philly contemporary style (boxy outcroppings, lots of glass and dark metal, and a few pieces of wood thrown into the facade. Of course, the listing would have a buyer believe that they'd be stepping into a rendering upon buying the house.

According to the listing, the house itself is collosal, with five bedrooms and more than 5,000 sq ft. There are also a couple of decks, and, as spotlighted by both the renderings and the listing copy, "beyond INCREDIBLE baths." Brokerbabble, of course, is brokerbabble, so the really important thing about this home is its "amazing FLOW", whatever that means.

House Vitals:
Size: Five bedrooms, four and a half baths, $5,000+ sq ft
Amenities include: "Flow", two decks (one of which is a roof deck, a two car garage, an elevator, heated floors, and a fireplace.
Asking Price: $200,000,000
· 137 N Croskey St [Trulia]
· Seven $1M+ Modern Townhomes In Logan Square At Mode7 [Naked Philly]