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Ultra Cool Old City Penthouse Drops $50K From Ask

This place is huge, very cool, and actually not quite as expensive as one might expect. Sure there are only two bedrooms, but there are also more than 2K sq ft of space, and all the urban penthouse amenities a person could ask for.

Perhaps it won't sell because of the neighborhood. Though Old City may have been the hip place to be 20 years ago, the youngs have moved on, first to Northern Liberties, and now to Fishtown. This place is even miscategorized as being in Northern Liberties, when it's firmly stuck in Old City.

Even though it boasts a bunch of exposed brick, a kitchen with some weird but cool features, (including what appears to be a transparent hood over the oven,) a fancy minimalist bathroom, and a library behind one of those sliding industrial doors, it still had to take its price down. The place is now asking $599,990.
· 501 Vine Street [Trulia]