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Tomorrow: The Community Reviews Museum Towers II, A 16 Story Apartment Tower (With 16 Townhomes on the Side)

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The development team behind the Museum Towers (or, as they'll now be known, the Museum Towers I), is looking to build a second sixteen story apartment tower with 270 units, sixteen townhomes, and a 439 spot parking garage. The proposal goes before Civic Design Review tomorrow, which means that community members will get a chance to voice their concerns. There are no zoning variances required, so regardless of community feelings, the tower will get built. The renderings show a tower about as tall as the first Museum Tower, a garage placed to the south, and two rows of townhomes on the west and south sides of the garage. Though it's likely that neighbors will appreciate the large number of parking spaces available for residents, they might not love the idea of a giant parking garage. The developers say that plantings and the townhomes will mostly shield the view of the garage.

The townhomes themselves seem contemporary but not jarring. They're not the boxy stucco and metal specials seen going up in Fishtown, the Graduate Hospital, Francisville, and Point Breeze.

As for sustainability, the development is looking for Silver LEED certification, and will include a green roof as part of its roof deck. There will be bicycle parking too.
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