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Years Later, Most Unique Home in Philly Finally Sells

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After listing, de-listing, re-listing, and an avalanche of price changes, the Copperwood mansion of Chestnut Hill, an 18,000 sq ft French Norman monstrosity, finally sold for $2.7M, a whopping $2.2M less than its highest listing price, $4.9M.

So what will the lucky buyer get along with a whole lot of space? Lots of weirdness. This estate is the only home on the Philly market with the following features:
1. A false shelf of books that, when pushed, opens into a speakeasy bar
2. A bowling alley
3. A ballroom with 16th-century paneling from a King James Hunting Lodge
4. An enormous hearth with a hand-carved mantle that will make you want to either go to church or play chess
5. A tennis court
6. A full-sized in-ground pool with a limestone terrace
7. A guest cottage with three bedrooms
8. A raised herb garden outside the kitchen
9. An office wing with cloister-like hallways
10. A billiards room-slash-library
11. A fountain anchored by a naked lady

Of course, none of those selling points helped the place actually sell. Its former owners started trying to sell the place in 2010, and it hasn't budged until now.
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