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If You Lived In One of These Houses, You'd Be Warm Right Now

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On this, Philly's coldest day in quite some time, enjoy this selection of homes with warming features, from wood burning stoves to saunas to absurd numbers of fireplaces.

The fireplace above is one of nine in this Rittenhouse Square rowhome. There's also a sauna in the master bath. Of course, such amenities don't come cheaply, and the asking price for this fireplace ridden townhome is $5.2M, which is $400K less than its original ask.

Most people can easily grok the desire for a walk-in closet, but a walk-in fireplace? This house was built in 1689, and the fireplace specimen above is therefore a walk-in fireplace. It's the sort of thing that modern heating schemes have made obsolete, but on a day like today, the appeal is understandable.

Getting in and out of this thing might be an issue, but on a day like today when it's too cold to drive to the gym, let alone go for a jog outside, a heated lap pool begins to look like a necessity. Of course, 364 other days of the year, it's rather extravagant. It's attached to a penthouse at 101 Walnut Street.

Apparently, there are some concerns that the power grid might be overburdened during the weather. If the power were to go out, this house would still be toasty, due to its woodburning stove.

On days when it's this cold, most people are stuck indoors. Wouldn't it be nice to have a heated sunporch just like the one (pictured above) in Chesnut Hill to take in the sights without your skin freezing immediately?

If you're wondering how many fireplaces is too many fireplaces, the answer for the Philly market is ten. Nine is just fine: this home also has nine fireplaces, but brokerbabble describes them as "commanding." The asking price for this house is a whole million less than the other nine million fireplace home, at just $4.2M