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Grand Mt. Airy Manor Asks Same Price as NYC Two Bedroom

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There aren't that many pictures of this place, and broker babble is mostly concerned with the fact that it's a foreclosure, but check out what $660,000 buys in Philly: it's a whole nine bedroom estate that spans nearly seven thousand square feet.

There's no broker babble to shed more light on what's inside, but the listing does note that there is a pool, and that the house was built in 1888. The house is also a foreclosure, and all bids have to be cash only.

House Vitals:
Size: Nine bedrooms, four baths, 6,780 sq ft
Amenities Include: A yard, a garage, a driveway, a front porch, a pool, and whatever other secrets lie inside.
Asking price: $605,703

· 234 West Upsal Street [Trulia]