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Is A Mystery Development Coming to Frankford Avenue?

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[Photo via Philly Land Works]

The city is in the process of selling off a long vacant lot right where the booming Frankford Avenue corridor intersects with Hagert Street, according to its Featured Properties website. The site says that bids (which were due in the first week of November) are currently being reviewed. The zoning of the lot would allow for multi-family housing.

Though the current zoning of the lot would require the developer to get a variance for retail and restaurant uses, a mixed use residential development seems like a natural fit for the site, which is located directly in front of the Philadelphia Brewing Company brewery, and just a bit north of Frankford Avenue's bustling retail, restaurant, and art gallery scene. There's no telling just yet what's in store, but it's a big lot with tons of potential.

· 2426 Frankford Ave – Bids currently under review [Philly LandWorks]