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Philly's Greenest Residences Just Started Courting Buyers

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The Folsom Powerhouse, a super eco-friendly development of 31 residential units in Francisville (21 of which will be sold as condos,) has started putting residences up on the market. When ground broke on the 1700 Street of Francisville, the project was estimated to take about six months, and it looks like the project is right on schedule.

According to the developers, energy costs for Folsom Powerhouse units will be about 50% less than average Philly homes, perhaps because of the solar panels, super insulation, and triple paned windows incorporated into the design.

While there are no interior renderings included in the listings, they do mention that each home will have a roof deck, high ceilings, and hardwood floors. It looks like two bedroom units (with one full bath and one half bath) are going for $345K, while three bedrooms with two full baths and one half bath are asking $435K.
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