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Is This Partially Converted Garage Worth Almost $1M?

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Here's a garage conversion that lacks gritty polish, but retains its real grit. That's mostly because it appears to still work as a commercial garage. The loft above it is not the world's most gorgeous home, but it has the potential to be made over into something else.

The asking price does seem a bit high, especially when far more polished converted garages have asked a lot less. However, the selling point here appears to be that the conversion is not yet complete: there's still space to operate a business on the ground floor. At least whoever buys this place will never want for parking.

House Vitals:
Size: The listing doesn't say, but very large is a safe assumption.
Amenities include: Space for untold numbers of cars, exposed beams, hardwood floors, a juliet balcony, and a high ceiling.
Asking Price: $995,000

· 1429 Melon St [Trulia]