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Rittenhouse Rental Rates Are Among Highest in the Nation

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You know what's kind of crazy? According to a report from, Rittenhouse Square is the 14th most expensive neighborhood in the nation to rent a 1-bedroom apartment. While $1,860/month is the cream of the crop in Philly, it's still over $1,000 less per month than Pasadena, CA, which took the 13th spot. What's nuttier — even if rents all of a sudden went berserk and doubled to $3,720/month for ritzy Rittenhouse, it would still only be the 6th highest in the nation; edging out Palo Alto's Cresent Park ($3,157/month). Wait until you see the numbers for the rest of the list!

Unsurprisingly, neighborhoods around New York City feature heavily on the list. Only two of the high-priced 'hoods, New York's Penn Plaza and Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO), top the $4,000/month club. California also has some heavy hitters as well.

1. New York City: Penn Plaza / Garment District - $4,440 average monthly rent
2. New York City: DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) - $4,023
3. San Francisco: Yerba Buena - $3,643
4. Boston: Government Center - $3,782
5. Oakland/Emeryville, Calif.: Golden Gate - $2,695 (We think they mean $3,695)
6. Palo Alto, Calif.: Crescent Park - $3,157
7. Great Neck, N.Y. (Nassau County): Great Neck Plaza - $3,223
8. Jersey City, N.J.: Historic Downtown - $3,068
9. Newport Beach, Calif.: Newport Center - $3,133
10. San Diego: Harborview - $2,206
11. Queens, N.Y.: Hunters Point - $2,811
12. Washington, D.C.: Foggy Bottom / GWU / West End - $2,662
13. Pasadena, Calif.: Southwest Pasadena - $2,957
14. Philadelphia: Rittenhouse Square - $1,860

On the flip side, they also took the data from the list of most expensive cities to find out that Philly's 19124 and 19132 zip codes have the least expensive 1-bedroom rates at $600/month.

So we've got that going for us.
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