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What Do You Think of Single-Family Homes on Broad Street?

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Eight new luxury homes will replace a long-vacant lot on the corner of Broad and Fitzwater Street. Ridding the city of one more empty space in a key development area is great news, right? Sort of. As Naked Philly reports, the houses will be part of a development called Mona Lisa's on The Avenue of the Arts, and mentions it "feels like an underuse" for the space just begging for a mixed-use mid-rise development.

While 4-bedrooms and 4,500 square feet is large by housing standards, it kind of pales in comparison to say, 777 South Broad across the street, a mid-rise, mid-density project that has reinvigorated this section of South Broad Street. Should low density projects like this be allowed when they're so close to Center City?

For whatever reason, this project looks like it will be single-family homes and they promise to be luxurious. Prices at the Mona Lisa will start at $1.35M, with one currently listed on Redfin for $1.5M. From the looks of it, four homes will front South Broad Street and the other four will front South Rosewood Street. The rendering shows rooftop balconies and the website says each unit will have a 2-car garage, heated floors and high-end finishes. · Eight Luxury Homes Coming to South Broad Street [Naked Philly]
· 745 S Rosewood St. [Redfin]