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Azalea Gardens Gets the Go-Ahead; The National Does, Too

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A few weeks after the Architectural Committee gave it the green light, Azalea Gardens, a controversial project at 40th and Pine St. from developer Jonathan Weiss, got the go-ahead from the Historical Commission as well. The property currently houses the UPenn-owned Levy-Leas Mansion and local preservationists feel that the 5-story complex featuring 120 apartments doesn't fit in with the scale and character of the neighborhood, according to PlanPhilly. While it may be a fair point, the Historical Commission voted unanimously in favor of the proposal. On the other side of town in Old City, The National Products building at 109-31 N. 2nd Street will also see some interesting redevelopment. Let's take a peek, shall we?

As the Historical Committee notes, The National Products building has seen many a proposal come and go in recent history. What's interesting is the building itself isn't of historical significance, just the modern, orange tiles (the sign is amazing as well). With the tiles in rough shape, the plan is to have them historically renovated. The buildings located behind the facade would be demolished in favor of a 6-story mixed-use housing and retail property.

In the meantime, Azalea Gardens is still tied up in a few legal battles. From PlanPhilly:

"The property is the subject of two legal battles with the same sides in each. Boni's clients—the Woodland Terrace Homeowners Association, Constellar Corporation, and Maryann Kurmlavage—are appealing both the granting of variances for the planned development and the permit to demolish the existing historic structure."
· Historical Commission approves plans for 40th and Pine [PlanPhilly]