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Welt The Floor, Pending Sale of Finnigan's Wake Falls Through

Finnigan's Wake has gone through some rough pumpkins recently. While it was oh-so-close to being sold just a few short weeks ago, The Insider reports that the deal has since fallen through due to undisclosed reasons. With no buyer at the table and no operations since Labor Day, has the luck for the former casket factory turned popular Irish pub simply run out?

Maybe not — the property was recently listed for $3.9M and owner Mike Driscoll notes that they could still host private events at the space as it's still furnished.

The Insider also mentions two interesting tidbits of information:

In 2012, City Council struck Bodine Street, at the eastern end of the property, from the city plan, enabling its use by Finnigan's as outdoor seating. Council also permitted balconies to be constructed along part of the Spring Garden Street side. Neither of these features has been developed.
You may remember that the balcony issue was a hot topic back in 2012, as it called for the contruction of two, 61-foot wide decks on the Spring Garden Street side of the building. It also produced this amazing quote from Matt Ruben, President of the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association: "We've just never seen people in this community so unanimously opposed to something." The plan for Bodine Street seemed promising, as it would have created as outdoor space for guests and beautified the street. In looking at the plans, a public walkway would've been created as well.
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