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Rule Chestnut Hill from this Jaw-Dropping Ballroom/Solarium

It seems like just about every day that we bring you an architectural wonder from the northwest section of the city that gracefully glides onto the market. This one at 545 Mermaid Lane in Chestnut Hill listed at $835,900 is nothing short of stunning. Designed by George T. Pearson, a noted Philadelphia architect who also designed a few buildings for John Stetson of Stetson Hats fame, this 2-bed, 2-bath marvel is actually the former ballroom and solarium of Keewaydin, a swanky mansion used for lavish parties. Everything about this property is class: the manicured lawn (imagine the fall colors), dual chimneys, the immaculate stone and woodwork, Tudor linenfold paneling, oak flooring and that Gotchic great room with ceilings that soar to 25 feet high and wood burning fireplace, which you'll need because it will cost a pretty penny to heat this bad boy. So, are you ready to rule the kingdom of the Great Northwest? This is a good place to start. · 545 W. Mermaid Ln. [Estately]