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Live High Above LOVE Park for $20K Less Than Last Month

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You know that checklist you have when it comes to luxury units? You know, the one where it simply has to overlook the Ben Franklin Parkway, LOVE Park and City Hall. Enter the 2-bed, 2-bath, 1,288 square foot unit #1911 at The Phoenix, which just saw a $20K price reduction since it was listed in mid-September (and $50K since July). It's currently $599K. While the price seems to keep going down, the location stays the same (say it like Wooderson in Dazed and Confused). It's steps from Dilworth Park, literally on the Parkway and offers direct access to Suburban Station. As the website boasts, you can literally go from your front door to Paris without stepping outside. Is there another price cut in its future of will someone snap it up now that it's $20K cheaper? · 1600-18 Arch St. Unit 1911 [Redfin]

Philadelphia City Hall

1401 John F Kennedy Boulevard, , PA 19102 (215) 686-1776 Visit Website