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Elfreth's Alley 'Deathmatch' Charmer Is Now $70K Cheaper

Remember way back in June when we pit three amazing Elfreth's Alley homes against each other in a winner-take-all Real Estate Deathmatch? The gorgeous 3-bed, 3-bath rowhome at 123 Elfreth's Alley with bold red shutters was the last house standing, yet it's still on the market and straight up hackin' off some serious dough. The listing price was recently reduced by $25K to $725K. Overall, it's dropped a total of $70K since first hitting the market in June — that's a lot of cash! The listing now states "Seller Motivated! Make Offer Now!" So, if you're in the market for a impeccably renovated 200 year old house on one of the nation's most historic streets, today may just be your lucky day. · 123 Elfreth's Alley [Redfin]