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The Green Space at Dilworth Park Will Open This Friday

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The news just keeps on coming out of the machine that is Dilworth Park. First, it opened. Then, it sponsored everything. Inga was unimpressed. Finally, it announced that whole ice skating rink thing just a week ago. It looks like the final piece in the puzzle will finally be revealed as Center City District will officially unveil the Albert M. Greenfield Lawn at Dilworth Park on Friday, Oct 24. Remember that green space you were envisioning (and pining for) from the beginning? Yeah, this is it.

The lawn will be 6,900 square feet of greenspace on the south side of the park (SW corner of City Hall). It will be the location of the stage during events and will surely be a hot spot for loungin' on your lunch break.

As per a press release from Center City District:

"The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation has generously helped underwrite the cost of the Albert M. Greenfield Lawn at Dilworth Park with and has generously funded 10 years of maintenance in recognition of Greenfield's significant role in Center City's renewal in the 1950s. Serving as the chair of Mayor Richardson Dilworth's City Planning Commission, Greenfield was instrumental in overseeing the start of numerous renewal projects, most notably in Society Hill, and made many other contributions to the revitalization of Center City."
Greenfield's legendary status in Philadelphia is well-known. With a penchant for buying properties at bargain prices, including Lit Bros. Tiffany and various hotels, Greenfield's companies made over a billion dollars a year, according to the Foundation's website. Greenfield was so influential that he became known as "Mr. Philadelphia". Eventually, he took over as Chair of the Philadelphia Planning Commission and oversaw the urban renewal project in Society Hill. Needless to say, dude was (and remains) kind of a big deal. The lawn will officially open at 11 a.m. on Oct. 24 as special guest Paul Levy of Center City District, Deputy Mayor Allan Greenberger and even The Guv, Ed Rendell will cut that ribbon.
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