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East Market's Copious Amounts of Digital Signage Approved

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Let's take it back to Market Street for a minute and talk about the digital signage on the East Market project that was recently approved by the Planning Commission. As you've seen from the renderings, there are digital billboards all over the place, eight to be exact — wraparounds on the corner of 11th and 12th Street and also a few mid-block for Chestnut Walk, the project's promenade. Jared Bray at PlanPhilly explains that, much like with the Lit Bros. Building at 7th and Market St., digital signage is cool, so long as the developers set aside at least $10M for "public improvements". That meant a revamp of the Broad-Ridge Spur SEPTA station for Brickstone Realty. What does it mean for the crew at East Market?

Basically, it means East Market will use a whole bunch of money for better materials on the ground and on the facade of the building. Bray explains:

"In exchange, the developers said they'd be investing more than $14 million in materials and soft costs for the building: precast concrete, masonry, metals, aluminum and glass, plus design, management, and things of that nature."
So there you go. While it doesn't seem quite the same as the Brickstone plan, hopefully it means a well-designed street experience with quality materials. The signage will vary in size — 455 square-feet up to 1,600 square-feet — and be hung 30 to 37 feet above street level. Phase one of East Market officially broke ground on Oct. 2 and will comprise of a 17-story, 322-unit apartment tower on the corner of 11th and Market St. with retail on the first two floors. Oh, and eight digital billboards of varying heights and lengths for your viewing pleasure. Like we said with the opening of Century 21, this is only the beginning for Market Street.
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