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Let the Renaissance Commence, Century 21 Opens Today

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Well, today's the day: The new life for the famed Strawbridges & Clothier store begins yet again, this time as the New York-based Century 21, which opens its door today for C21Status members and will have an official ribbon cutting on Oct. 28 at 11 a.m. It will be C21's first store outside of New York City, comprised of over 100,000 square-feet of discount designer shopping delight. While you might that think the pressure is all on co-owner/executive vice president Eddie Gindi to kick off this whole Market East renaissance and make C21 a rip-roaring success, it's actually all on you! Wait, how's that now?

Elizabeth Wellington, Inquirer Fashion Writer, practically begs you to shop hard at the new C21:

"That means - and read closely, any style-challenged readers - it's time to shop, y'all. And not just for Eagles green T-shirts and ratty jeans. I'm talking Maison Martin Margiela dressy sweatpants. Here's the deal: With a $10 million investment, it's not as if Century 21 will close its doors if we fail to shop on point. But you can bet your Tory Burch flats that the divine collection of Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses sold in New York - and for the time being, here - will slowly disappear if we don't purchase, and purchase well."

In other words, go big or go home if you ever want to buy reasonably-priced designer clothes for your night out in Center City, damnit! That's not to diminish Century 21's opening, it's a huge deal. You may recall that PREIT/Macerich Co. recently invested a crap-ton of money to reinvent The Galley as a fashion-forward shopping district. Also, regardless of the selection seen at the new Century 21, this is the first domino (of many) to fall in the era of the new Market and Chestnut Street area in the near future. The Lit Bros. Building will soon be done up, possibly with a new apartment tower. That whole East Market project has officially kicked off and then there's the Market8 Casino at 8th and Market Street.

It sounds like you'll have plenty of places to visit in your newly discount designer wears in the near future once everything takes shape.
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