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Check Out David Lynch's Former Blue Velvet-y Fairmount Home

The clouds mimic the hair. Photos: Redfin/Interview Magazine

This home at 2429 Aspen St. has some pretty killer history. Not only is it a quaint 2-bed, 1-bath rowhome dating back to 1866, it's also the former haunt of one David Lynch. Yes, that's right, Mr. Eraserhead himself. Listed for $299,900, it features high ceilings, crown molding, hardwood floors and lovely brick patio. Oh, and it also happens to be the place where Lynch got into this whole wacky film thing. According to Welcome to Twin Peaks, a Lynch-driven blog that fills the 'jelly donut-shaped hole in your heart", Lynch moved here with Jack Fisk and James Harvard in 1967. To top it off, he filmed the spectacularly dark and twisted short "The Alphabet" featuring his first wife Peggy in this very home in 1968. We adore the patio area. It seems like the perfect place to enjoy a Heine-, err Pabst Blue Ribbon on a breezy summer day. · David Lynch's House Where He Filmed "The Alphabet" For Sale [Eraserhood]
· David Lynch's House Where He Filmed "The Alphabet" For Sale [Welcome to Twin Peaks]
· 2429 Aspen St. [Redfin]