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You Call It: Is the Ben Franklin Parkway One Big 'Mistake'?

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Believe it or not, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is nearing its 100th year of existence. Pretty special stuff, right? Not according to Gregory Heller, who thinks that instead of celebrating 100 years of poor design and passive park space, we should all band together and fix Philly's stagnant cultural boulevard. But how? In quoting Jane Jacobs and Inga Saffron, Heller proposes we rid the Parkway of the confusing and disconnected traffic circle that is Logan Circle/Swann Fountain and convert it into a lively square as it was before the Parkway existed. Heller imagines the new square would be more welcoming and accessible to pedestrians, provide active green space like cafes and playgrounds and even increase nearby land values, all while improving the community's connection to the area. So, you call it: Should we scrap 100 years of the Parkway and square-off Logan Square once again? Take the poll after the jump!

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