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This Vine Proves that West Philly Does Halloween Right

West Philly loves Halloween so much that not only do they take to the streets in celebration, they do so while pushing dolled up mobile furniture contraptions (lots of couches) down Spruce Street. The West Philly Dumpster Derby took place last night and the blog The Declaration was there to take in the dimly-lit rabble rousing, who calls it "a wholly-unorganized – meaning this raucous awesomeness just happens – family-friendly, and refreshingly non-corporate event with Halloween costumes and mobile street furniture." To put it into perspective, it's kind of the like an impromptu and unorganized Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby meets West Philly, you know what we mean. Anyway, the cops promptly broke up the Halloweenin' and sent people on their merry way. Don't worry, there's a Vine of that, too!
· Video: Annual West Philly "Dumpster Derby" [The Declaration]

West Philly Dumpster Derby

43rd at Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA