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Sub-$4M Devon Manse Includes Its Very Own 'Recreation Barn'

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You know what perk we don't tend to feature too often here at Curbed Philly? Houses with indoor basketball courts. Enter this 5-bed, 6.5-bath estate in Devon not asking $4,000,000, but more reasonably priced at $3,998,000. While the outside has that military academy feel with its 100-year old Fieldstone front and columns, the grounds are impeccably kept, including the dreamy pool area. Oh yeah, it also has a legit indoor basketball court and, perhaps better yet, it's in something call the "recreation barn" that comes with the property. Now the question is, do you have the game (and nearly $4M smackers) to make your hoop dreams a reality? · 556 S Waterloo Rd, Devon [Estately]