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Map Shows Location of 100 Proposed Philly Bike Share Stations

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The City of Philadelphia is gearing up for its final push towards finally incorporating Philly Bike Share into the transportation stream. Launching in earnest in spring of 2015, Philly Bike Share recently released an interactive map that pinpoints proposed locations for the solar powered docking stations and wants to hear what you think. Looking to whittle the final number to 60 sites, there are 100 proposed locations on the current map. Don't see any near your work or 'hood? Submit your comments or recommendations via their website. You can also click on a proposed site to tell them what you think.

According to website, locations were chosen based on things like population density, nearby destinations, space for docking station, access to bike lanes and also through community outreach. The docking stations will vary in size, with most being 60 feet long and holding holding around 20 bikes. They are solar powered, wireless connected and must be placed on a hard surface.

As for the survey, it's pretty painless and brief. If you click on a location, you'll be asked if it's a good spot for the station, your comfort level using said station at night and whether or not there is a better spot nearby. Answering yes to the last question opens up a few more options like where you would suggest to locate the station and any other comments regarding bike share.

It's quick, simple and could have a real impact on the future location of Philly Bike Share stations.
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