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251 DEKALB's First Building Is Complete and All Leased Up

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The transformation of the former Marquis Apartments into 251 DEKALB in King of Prussia is still on-going. However, renovations at the first building are complete and a rep tells us that it's now fully leased. The remaining buildings are set to be completed over the course of 2015. According to the listings on, there are eight different floor plans available ranging from $1,300 (studio) to $2,290 (3-bed, 2-bath) per month. New York developer Neil Rubler of Candlebrook Properties purchased the property for $70M and plans another $50M in renovations to the Dekalb Pike property to cater to the market in King of Prussia looking for a more luxurious (and modern) rental. That doesn't just mean Millennials, either. This place houses a Kidville center, which is essentially all the good things about Chuck E. Cheese wrapped into a cleaner, colorful and like chaotic environment.

Once completed, the 26-acre property will be home to five luxury apartment buildings. According to their website, 251 DEKALB will boast a swimming pool area complete with sundeck, bbq area and bocce court and a curated art gallery in the lobby. While construction of the pool area has recently completed, residents will have to wait until spring time to take their first dip. Units will be remodeled with sleek, straight lines and floor to ceiling windows. They'll also have wide plank wood floors, imported Spanish tubs and a washer/dryer in unit.

Here's what Rubler mentioned to The Inquirer about phase two back in June:

Candlebrook Properties will work to restore the indoor swimming pool in phase two. Rubler envisions the outdoor swimming area surrounded by a kiddie water park, cabanas, a barbecue area, and a bocce court. He said the "251 Club" would expand to include a community garden.
The Brutalist styledMarquis Apartments are being reborn with a modern, open look with the help from architect Stephen Varenhorst. Land Collective will handle the treatment of the grounds.
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