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Five Units 'Pending' at Mixed-Income Awesometown Project

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Awesometown, a public/private collaborative mixed-income project between the New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC), Postgreen Homes and Develop Philly, has five homes pending sale. The cool news? Four of those homes are listed as affordable housing. The market-rate house at 425 Moyer Street is pending for $459,725 and features a 3-bed, 2-bath 1,750 square foot layout. In total, the project will consist of 14 homes on the 400 blocks of East Thompson and Moyer Street and be completed in two phases. Groundbreaking is anticipated in the next few months. So what's the going rate (and size) for an 'affordable' house in the awesomest project in Philly?

Of the 8 homes in phase one, four are marketed to 'moderate income buyers,' according to the listings on Redfin. All four of those houses are currently listed as pending at the price of $399,000 for a 3-bed, 2-bath, 1,750 square foot house. According to Generoctiy, there was a high demand for the units:

"NKCDC held a lottery at the end of April for the affordable units. In a clear sign of the demand for affordable housing, there were a total of 56 applicants. Even if each unit is occupied by a five-person family, more than half of these applicants left without a future home."
Phase two will consist of six market rate homes. A rep from Postgreen told us that, although these homes are not currently on the market, two of them are under contract.

Awesomtown's other main draw (besides this amazing promo video) is its sustainable, energy-conscious development. Homes will be constructed with super insulated walls, feautre triple-pane windows and Energy Star HVAC systems and even offer solar panels as an add-on.

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