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Mount Airy Homes Square Off in the Battle of Nosey Neighbors

Welcome back to Real Estate Death Match! Today's battle comes from majestic Mount Airy and we're calling this one the Battle of Nosey Neighbors as these two newly listed properties are right around the corner from each other. They aren't close on price, but both are equally impressive and speak to the unique homes found in the northwest section of the city. This one will be hotly contested. So which one will reign supreme, 6503 Wissahickon Avenue or 616 West Hortter Street?

Address: 6503 Wissahickon Avenue [Redfin]
Price: $985,000
Size: 7-bed, 4-bath, 4,912 square feet - sits on 1.25 acres
The Skinny: As the listing states, this is a classic stone-clad center hall colonial and just oozes with curb appeal. It was designed by Simon & Basset in 1914 and boasts a large dining room with lovely brick fireplace. Our favorite room is probably the sunroom, which provides excellent views of the private grounds and also features a large skylight with exposed wood beams. The kitchen is a close second. It's massive and comes complete with a large pantry with custom wood cabinets.

Address: 616 W. Hortter Street [Redfin]
Price: $645,000
Size: 6-bed, 3.5-bath, 5,670 square feet - sits on .43 acres
The Skinny: Head around the corner from our first property and you'll find the adorable house at 616 W. Hortter Street. While it still boasts the traditional stone face, it's paired with bold red paint and pitched roofs that make it's curb appeal equally impressive to 6503 Wissahickon Avenue. It's also a helluva lot cheaper. Yeah, there isn't as much land, but there's a whole-lotta house to work with here and it's been owned by the same people for 40 years. Exposed beams, fireplaces, a large winding staircase and large rooms are major pluses for this property. All it needs is a little more of a refined touch to make it a standout even more. With that extra coin in your pocket, you can do just that!

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