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No One Proofread This Sign for Betsy Ross in South Philly

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Alright, here's one for the grammar police. A placard attached to one of the flagpoles near S. Broad St. and Oregon Ave. should read "Betsy Ross", as in the woman who sewed the first American flag in 1776. She's rather famous, and kind of still alive. Unless this is some elaborate, under-the-radar Kid Hazo! piece, it looks like you can chalk this one up to a good old-fashioned spelling mistake. We'd like to imagine that her nickname was "Besty", as she was undoubtedly very popular in grade school. Hey, if she can marry Ben Franklin some 172 years after her death in 1836, then that story can be true as well!
Here's the video from CBS3:

Betsy Ross was originally born Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom. To be honest, it would have been understandable to have misspelled Phoebe. She "tied the knot" with the still-alive Ben Franklin in 2008, which was actually a marriage between two honest-to-goodness Ben Franklin (Ralph Archbold) and Betsy Ross (Linda Wilde) re-enactor's. It was like Philly's version of the Royal Wedding. Here's the ceremony!

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