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Holy Horace Trumbauer! Lynnewood Hall Gets $1.5M Chop

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Lynnewood Hall, Exterior: Zillow, Interiors: Austin H.

Here's one for the price-chopping ages: Lynnewood Hall just cut $1.5M from its initial asking price of $20M. That means you can now purchase the 55-bed, 55-bath, 33.85 -acre former Widener estate for $18.5M — what a deal! The expansive Gilded Age building designed by Horace Trumbauer has a slightly better listing that the one from July, in that it adds (and misspells) Indiana Limestone and now includes more than three pictures. Will the price chop be enough incentive to finally see this beauty reborn into its former glory? Is that even possible? Given the grandiose history of Lynnewood Hall, we'd certainly like to see someone give it a shot.

· Lynnewood Hall A1 Ashbourne Rd, Elkins Park, PA [Zillow]
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Lynnewood Hall

920 Spring Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19027