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New Brewerytown Apartment Complex To Have Double-Identity

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Here's an interesting project coming out of Brewerytown. McSpain Properties is redeveloping the western part of a large, rundown Acme warehouse on the corner of 31st and Master St. into an apartment complex with ground floor retail. We denote the western part of the project because the warehouse is so large, it takes up a full city block, and the eastern half was already converted into apartments, according to Naked Philly. The new project will be called The Fairmount at Brewerytown.

McSpain's website points out that the project will be comprised of 162 industrial-chic apartments, complete with exposed duct work, energy efficient appliances and "soaring" vaulted ceilings. Certainly not atypical features as far as warehouse conversions go. A 24-hour market is planned, as is a Publik House franchise. Amenities include 24-hour conceirge and fitness center, rooftop pool, a dog walking area and even a cold storage room for grocery delivery.

The dog walking area is of note as the building will be pet-friendly, regardless of breed. It will also have secure indoor parking and even hybrid car-charging stations. Naked Philly points out that they've already "getting leases signed" for the top floor units, which will be ready in April 2015.

The Fairmount at Brewerytown is an interesting choice for the name of this place. It's sort of confusing in the sense that they're next door neighbors as far as neighborhoods go — leading to a little bit of double-identity. That's furthered by the fact that it will share a large building with another apartment complex of a different name, The Lofts at Brewerytown. Given that Fairmount is a genuinely cool name to begin with and it's a few steps from Fairmount Park, we'll let it slide and side with the developers on this one. Actually, we kind of like it a lot.

To be honest, we don't really care what they call it, so long as they keep and renovate that amazing industrial awning over the former loading dock.
· Despite Confusing Name, Fairmount at Brewerytown Will Be a Great Addition [Naked Philly]