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Maple-Clad Venice Island Performing Arts Center Is Gorgeous

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Photos via Buell Kratzer Powell

When the Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center opened in October, it was hailed as a unique blend of utility and recreation. Where else can a 4-million gallon water reservoir used to collect and pump runoff from the Schuylkill River silently coexist alongside a new outdoor playground and state-of-the-art theater? Designed by Buell Kratzer and Powell (BKP), we're now able to get a peek at the performance arts space. BKP describes the space as "clad in maple panels with rich accent colors on the stage curtain and surrounding walls." The theater component of the project cost $3.2M to construct and will provide the community with a stunning space for events and performances. · Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center [BKP]
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