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SEPTA's Macro 24/2 Stance; Bike Parking; Bike Share Meetings

SEPTA: The 24-hour weekend service was extended indefinitely back in October, even though it costs more than the overnight bus service, SEPTA's CFO Richard Burnfield told the Daily News. While the costs are higher, they're looking at it at a macro level, "When we consider overnight train service, we see it as a benefit not just to SEPTA, but also to the people in the city and the entire region." Citing millennials as a major factor, Burnfield said a program like 24/2 could make that key demographic stay in or choose to come to Philadelphia over other East Coast cities. Oh, there's also a tidbit in there about possibly sponsoring the service (because, SEPTA) to defray the costs of labor, such as overtime pay for operators, mechanics and police officers.

South Broad Concourse: Here's a cool one. Representatives of SEPTA announced at the Philly Bike Expo that they're kicking around the idea of installing a bike parking area in the South Broad Concourse, that long walkway from City Hall past Walnut/Locust. According to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, it would be a locked cage accessible via SEPTA Key, when it's implemented, or another special card. The bike parking area would be similar to Boston's Pedal and Park stations. SEPTA is also looking to fill one of the retail spaces with a bike mechanic.

Bike Share: The Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) will hold two "Philly Bike Share Open Houses" to discuss the findings of those public surveys that were available not too long ago. Meetings will be held Nov. 18 and Nov. 20 at from 8:15 a.m. to 6 p.m. at The Gallery at Jefferson Station and 30th Street Station, respectively. The Gallery at Jefferson Station is just that funny way of saying Market East, remember?
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