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Kater St. Rowhome Boasts Park-Worthy Mature Green Roof

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Green roofs are all the rage now. We've seen them on all kinds of new developments and adaptive re-use projects. However, we don't ever remember seeing one, especially this lush, on a rowhome. 2001 Kater St. asks $595K and certainly has a lot of things going it. It's in a great neighborhood, contains an in-law suite or potential rental, two decks, off-street parking and even a 6' by 6' skylight that fills the house with sunlight. But, it's fair to say that the real show-stopper in this 3-bed, 2.5-bath home is the park-like green roof. Here's what the listing says about the green roof. Let's just say it sounds legit:

"The entire house has been structurally reinforced with weight bearing beams in order to allow the construction of this enchanted roof garden. The green roof features a number of beautiful mature perennials, such as lilacs, Echinacea flowers in several colors, lavender, blackberries, honeysuckle, clematis vines, more than 6 rose bushes, peonies, lilies and numerous bulbs which won't be seen until spring time. Enjoy the almost constant breeze of this oasis in the city and admire the panoramic skyline..."
That sounds quite lovely to us.
· 2001 Kater St. [Redfin]