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Bow to the God of Exposed Beams in this Bryn Mawr Manse

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With the Pope announcing an official visit and Philly Jesus getting arrested, it's an odd day of religious oriented news. We've decided to throw a log on the fire, Curbed style. This French Normandy cathedral-esque property at 756 Mt. Pleasant Rd. in Bryn Mawr. Listed at $1.05M, this 4-bed, 3.5-bath house of the faux-holy is interesting, to say the least — especially if you love some exposed beams! This 5,831 square-foot home is packed with beautiful exposed beams, hardwood floors and a gigantic kitchen. The more unique features are probably the multiple vaulted ceilings, the solarium and the domed family room boasting curved exposed beams — because you simply have to have exposed beams on your domed ceiling. The master suite is also heavenly, with a stained glass window over the large soaking tub and a spacious walk-in closet/changing area with granite-topped vanity.

Our favorite room is definitely the office space. That's especially due to the wood-plank wall, exposed beams and pitched roof. It's probably the most modern styled room in the house, and it's beautiful.

While not listed yet on Zillow, a previous listing says it was designed by local architect Fred Bissinger in 1980, which makes a lot of sense. While the house is quite stunning, there are a few oddities about the place as well that give it a weird doctor's office-like feel. This is especially true with the fitness area. It's just kind of plunked there and reminiscent of a waiting room. The same goes for the blue bathroom. Areas of the 1980s that were leftover and in need of a minor upgrade.

· 756 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Bryn Mawr, PA [Estately]