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PNB Sign: Something Quite Iconic Is Missing from This Picture

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Something's missing... #PNB

A photo posted by Kyle Huff (@kylehuff) on

Well, much like Kyle Huff's post above, your Instagram posts from the 33rd floor of the Lowe's Hotel are now going to look a little strange. The rest of the iconic PNB sign atop One South Broad came down rather unceremoniously yesterday, and at a blistering pace. Only three letters could be removed over several hours back in August. NBC10 reports, it took crews a mere 34 minutes to hoist the remaining nine letters and forever alter the Philadelphia skyline.

The letters weigh 3,000 pounds a piece and were ferried from One South Broad, over City Hall and to a landing area on JFK Boulevard. One positive, The Founder's Bell, the 17-ton bell commission by John Wanamaker's son Rodman in 1926, can now be clearly seen in the belfry high above South Broad Street now that the 16-foot tall letters are no longer in place,
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One South Broad

1 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA