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There Are Some Brackets Fastened To The Top of Lit Bros.

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A reader sent us a reminder that we were not dreaming and that developers Brickstone Realty is indeed installing a 14-foot tall digital signage atop the gorgeous Lit Bros. Building at 7th and Market St. It looks like the brackets are in place and the New Year's Eve timeline set back in Sept. is firmly in the cross hairs.

As you already know, Brickstone plans to use this space as a high-tech ad screen and information center, potentially airing live broadcasts where audio is available via a mobile app. Decidedly not as lame at the proposed UEDs, it's still kind of disappointing to see the top of the historic clothiers building used as a scrolling, light-up ad space.

A positive to the project is the $10M in public improvements Brickstone must make in order to install the signage. That includes underground improvements to the connected SEPTA and PATCO stations as well as streetscape touch-ups like swapping out the tired sidewalk with new stamped concrete pavers, bike racks and better lighting.
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