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Bidder Nets Croce's Villanova Pirate Haven for Over $2.2M

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Pat Croce, the former President of the Philadelphia 76ers, is a colorful and highly energetic character. So, it was no surprise that the man who owns a legit pirate museum in Florida (and helped discover a pirate ship missing for over 400 years) lived in a lavish, yet oddly decorated house in Villanova complete with leopard print rug, mermaid statues and dizzying wallpaper. Remember that auction back in October with a $150,000 refundable entry fee? reports that Croce's 3-acre pirate haven was sold to an undisclosed "local resident" for $2,227,500. It was originally listed for $7.5M last December — talk about a Doubloon Chopper! · Pat Croce's Main Line estate sold for $2.2M []
· $150K Gets You Into the Auction for Pat Croce's Estate [Curbed Philly]