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City Planning Recommends '3-Star' Hudson Hotel Project

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Renderings: DAS Architect/Plan Philly, Bill:School of Rock/CNN

One little bill could spell the end for Little Pete's Diner as the Planning Commission pushed the Hudson Hotel project at 17th and Chancellor St. one step closer to reality, reports Jared Brey at PlanPhilly. The bill would allow for "corrective zoning" for the property and eliminate the need to go in front of the ZBA, thus paving the way for the project. According to David Schultz of DAS Architects, the 13-story project will be a "3-Star Hotel" and offer 310 rooms, 175 valeted parking spots and a public restaurant on the top floor. There will also be a two-story retail space on the ground floor. Although the hotel is planning to be an "affordable" option in Rittenhouse, we highly doubt that flashy new spot will feature the old-school greasy spoon that is Little Pete's.

PlanPhilly also reports that voting was unanimous to recommend the approval of the bill, which is scheduled to go before Council's Rules Committee on December 2nd at 10 a.m. Here's another interesting tidbit from the meeting:

"It was the Planning Commission that first met with the hotel development team, Clemens Construction, and recommended that Councilman Johnson introduce the rezoning ordinance, according to Litwin, the Central District city planner."So, there you go. · Hudson Hotel proposal advances [PlanPhilly]
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