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You'll Be Able to Float On a Brand New Zoo Balloon Next Season

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Thought to be grounded for good after heavy snowfall crushed the tiger-striped iteration last February, The Philadelphia Zoo has announced that the Zoo Balloon will be back again in 2015 with a brand new balloon. It made a triumph, and thought-to-be-temporary comeback this season, and will again rise above the zoo and Fairmount Park to provide unparalleled views of the city from 400 feet up. (That is if you pay the price of admission at the zoo and then fork over $15 bucks per ticket for a ride.) Otherwise, you can enjoy it from the ground while running Kelly Drive, rowing on the Schuylkill River or sitting in traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway. Honestly, in our minds, the more spectacular vantage points one can have of the Philly skyline, the better. So welcome back, Zoo Balloon.

Here's the deal straight from 6abc, who is the sponsor of the Zoo Balloon:

"The current balloon will continue to fly until its November 23rd deflation, weather permitting, and will then be shipped back to Lindstrand Balloons USA in the United Kingdom, which was always the intention as there are only a few tethered helium balloons of this kind in the world.

A brand new balloon will be installed and operational in spring 2015."


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The Philadelphia Zoo

3400 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA