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World's Most Elaborate Cheesecake Factory Has a New Look

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Renderings: Naked Philly via Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Well, well, welllll — Naked Philly got their collective hands on a new rendering for the most elaborate and modern Cheesecake Factory in the world currently under construction at 15th and Walnut St. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson is the architect behind the three-story "glass box" and provided the rendering with an interesting caveat — it will be the first building in America with a truss-stiffened unitized curtain wall. What the hell is that?
According to BCJ's website, the curtain results in a "distinctive high-performance façade that can be shop-fabricated, delivered to the site, and erected with greater precision and in a fraction of the time required to construct a conventional stick-built system." It's also fun to say and super cool.

Other firsts for this building are its combined blue and green (turquoise?) roof. A portion of the roof will have a green vegetative system that absorbs rain water and returns it to the atmosphere via transpiration. The blue roof component will essentially be a reservoir that holds the water and slowly releases it to ease the burden on the city's storm drains. The combo green/blue is a first for the city.

Naked Philly also notes that this rendering doesn't feature an LA Fitness or Topshop as tenants, leading them to believe that Cheesecake Factory is the only one signed on at this point. In all, it will be a stunning 59,000 square foot office/retail building on the corner of 15th and Walnut St. One that Inga Saffron herself raved about back in 2013 saying, "The new building is a rare case in which the architects have cooked up a replacement that is even better than what was there before."
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