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Dueling Ice Skating Rinks Are Now Fully Under Construction

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Yesterday, we brought you the news that RiverRink Winterfest will be kicking off its ski lodge-inspired version of Spruce Street Harbor Park on Nov. 28. It will eventually feature a rustic winter garden with fire pits, recycled shipping containers packed with food, beverages and shopping and that magical ice skating rink along the Delaware River. It's pretty bare bones but it gives you an idea about what kind of space the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation is working with at the moment. Let's take a peek at the ice skating situation at Dilworth Park, shall we?

A relatively quick journey west will put you at Philly's other, and newest, outdoor ice skating rink. Center City District shutting down the northern part of the fountain area at Dilworth Park (they can do that, you know) and will place a large rink in Rosa Blanca's backyard. The rink will open Nov. 14 and should be a pretty damn cool sight to see once it's completed. We imagine there will be a near endless stream of Instagram pictures showcasing the rink at the base of City Hall. All of the details for hours of operation and such can be found here.
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