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Philly's Potential Bus Shelters Look Exactly Like Bus Shelters

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So, remember how excited you were when SEPTA announced a 20-year, $53M deal with Titan back in October that would see the ad agency spruce up 300 bus shelters and add 300 more throughout the city? Well, PlanPhilly's Jared Brey has an early look showing what those DIGSAU-designed bus shelters could ultimately look like at, say, the entrance to Race Street Pier.

The rendering makes it abundantly clear that this is a draft, but what it does show is pretty much your straightforward, run-of-the-mill bus shelter. Gone are the barreled tops and dark frames in favor of straight lines, less framing and plenty of ad space for Titan. It doesn't look like you'll be gazing into any colored glass panels, either.

· Advertising firm will build new bus shelters and street furniture [PlanPhilly]