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You Could Potentially Own a Piece of the Philadelphia Skyline

Tucked away in a wonderful piece from Hidden City about the removal of the iconic PNB sign atop One South Broad is this nugget of information: The owners are sending some of the letters off to salvage. That means you could potentially own a piece of the Philadelphia skyline that you've no doubt Instagrammed multiple times from the 33rd floor of the Loew's Hotel. Either that, or we'll see one at Spruce Street Harbor Park next year. So how much would 3,000 pound, 16-foot letter cost you?

Here's the snippet from Hidden City:

But should one have an interest in preserving a piece of local modernist history—and a place to put a 16-foot letter—one can do that. Jim Baum, a spokesman for Wells Fargo, indicates that they're available. "We are holding on to several letters, including one complete set," he said via email. "However, many of the letters were in such disrepair that our only alternative was to have them removed for their salvage value." The article makes no mention of what one would cost at slavage, and chances are good they would probably be snapped up by some restaurateur or URBN before us common folk could get our hands on them. In the meantime, just dream of your future home with ceilings high enough to comfortably fit 16 foot-high letters as the centerpiece to your Philadelphia room.

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